The Mystic In The Mews

The Mystic In The Mews

The Mystic In The Mews

A tale of true fiction that can...
change your mind,
change your thinking,
and change your world.

“A captivating adventure story filled with pearls of wisdom.”

– Carol Howe, best-selling author of Never Forget To Laugh

The Time Is Right
for this Mind-Bending Tale
of Miraculous Possibilities

One minute the world seems chaotic and doomed, the next minute a seam opens, a mystic walks through, and suddenly we understand that it’s all an illusion, the possibilities are endless, and a great awakening is waiting to happen.

It’s all set into motion in The Mystic In The Mews, a spiritual adventure tale about an avatar who returns to this earthly dimension, post-pandemic, to finish what he started 2600 years before. And what he shares with the book’s two young protagonists—that everything they thought they knew was mistaken and the truth is 180º from all that they’ve ever believed—changes their lives unalterably and forever. 

But not before their astonishing and sometimes terrifying journey takes them from New York’s Greenwich Village to California’s Big Sur coast, from shamanic caves in 16th century Colombia to teleportation lairs in Ancient Greece and alerts them to the inspiring and meaningful messages embedded in synchronicities.  

As The Mystic In The Mews unfolds across time and space, our two protagonists confront their deepest fears, meet allies they never knew existed, and have experiences that defy all rational explanation. They then join a mystical alliance of powerful forces on an urgent mission to shift the thinking of a world at the brink of self-destruction into a place of powerful and predictable miracles. All before it’s too late.

The mystic has a promising message…

"What if our world isn't doomed, but destined for hope?"

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Allan in the Jefferson Market Garden, Greenwich Village.
Standing where it all began, in the Washington Mews.

About the Author

Many years ago, when I was 18, one eye opened in the middle of the night with the startling question, “Why am I here?” That moment began a lifelong quest to pry the other eye open and to find answers. The journey has taken me from esoteric meditation and spiritual practices to guru follower, from decades of ego-cracking individual and group therapy to soul-searching psychedelic journeys. And, most important and impactful, to the dedicated study of A Course In Miracles that began in 1986.

Along the way, I had a career in advertising as a copywriter and creative director. I wrote two regional bestsellers, New York’s 50 Best Places To Find Peace And Quiet and New York’s 50 Best Places To Take Children, as well as The Guide To Odd New York. I launched a successful app to promote calm and quiet in New York called TranquiliCity, and created and wrote the Telly Award-winning children’s video series, Hard Hat Harry.

Today, I am aware that every one of these pursuits—along with a challenging trip through my darkest night—were all linked to my search for answers to the same compelling questions I asked that night long ago: “Why am I here? What is this life all about?”

I realize now that my debut novel, The Mystic In The Mews, is the story I always came to tell; that the moment the mystic appeared in my life—shattering all of my fossilized beliefs about the way the world works—a new chapter began; one filled with wonder, inspiration, and infinite possibilities. Maybe he can take you on the same hopeful journey.

– Allan Ishac, New York City

You can learn more about me, my books, articles, and podcasts at

Praise for the First Spiritual Adventure Novel
Inspired by A Course In Miracles

“A captivating adventure story filled with pearls of wisdom. Join the compelling characters in The Mystic In The Mews as they experience the delights of self-discovery, the release from limitations, and the safety of following ever-present, loving guidance.”

– Carol Howe, best-selling author of Never Forget To Laugh and internationally recognized teacher of A Course In Miracles

“Allan knows how to pull the reader right in, and you will want to stay for a visit. The message and style are intriguing and thought-provoking. If you read his work aloud, your tongue would trip along in a pleasant tone. You ‘want’ to read the next word and the next and go along with him on this metaphysical and mystical journey of adventure and awakening.”

— Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author of Missouri Mystic and publisher of Miracles Magazine

“Allan has not only pioneered the genre of spiritual adventure novel, he has accomplished the writing of a book that enlightens the reader. Reading this book is not just an adventure, it’s a spiritual experience. It opens the reader up to a new paradigm of possibilities and keeps you engaged and entertained the whole way through. I highly recommend it.”

— Sudie Shipman, Inspirational spiritual speaker and teacher

“What a wonderful book, a little gem that is both whimsical and important. The Mystic’s greatest strength is, for me, that it is inspirational; it makes me want to learn more, in many directions. I love the ease with which the unknown is incorporated into daily life.”

— Diane Brook Gusic, 30-year, master teacher of A Course in Miracles

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I look forward to speaking with you about The Mystic In The Mews, appearing on your lively podcasts, and joining others in person or remotely to share inspiring miracle stories. Please fill out the form and I’ll respond promptly.

Meet Allan under the Washington Square arch.
Mic’d up and ready
with amazing stories
that defy all rational explanation.

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